Hack : Web based face login for wikipedia

3D face recognition has become a trending research direction in both industry and academia. Using your face to authorize to unlock your phone is popular, but on the web it has not been seen a lot, maybe because it’s not trivial to implement. Is it possible to implement face verification using just HTML5, Javascript and some Go? Yes! I did it in an hour using Javascript, Nodejs, and OpenCV for wikipedia login.

Focus of hack is implement face recognition and web login for wikipedia. Please check following video and screenshots. Very soon I will share code on Github.


YouTube Link

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What will happen if you change your beard?


HaHaHa!! App will recognised me :slight_smile: Please check this video how its work on face identification and recognition Link

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What if I have a picture of another editor’s face and wish to log in?


This would definitely be cool for login on smartphones.

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It will identify you face, I have best algorithm for face identification.

I have a twin brother and we tested a similar phone login system and turns out I could easily have access to his phone (don’t worry… I had his allowance for the test. Scientific purposes!). Okay… One could say that twin brothers should avoid it, but I wonder if the same wouldn’t happen with people that just have a similar appearance.