Handling genealogical information as structured data

Hello! Genealogy is a very relevant subject if we want to include all the knowledge. Currently, notability criteria at Wikidata wouldn’t allow creating items for people whose only known activity is being a far relative of some other person. But having this information could be very relevant in a project like Wikidata, as we can use all the strenght of tools (OpeRefine, query system, automatic trees…) with a very small effort. A separate Wikibase instance can be created to handle this kind of information, but we can’t use tools as OpenRefine, making the process extremely difficult.

Storing genealogical information is relevant to Digital Humanities and research, and can be used to Mix’n’Match other interesting catalogues, like migration registries or even PD census, and give more insights to historical events.

I have started a RfC at Wikidata for this topic, and I would like to read your comments on this topic: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Requests_for_comment/Handle_genealogical_information



Great idea! I think the usual objections to including more genealogical data in Wikimedia are around the worry with attracting vast amounts of badly-researched unsourced information (and privacy, but it’d likely be limited to deceased people I’d think).

You might also notify the Wikimedia genealogy project of the RFC.

I have made a little research on this, and it is more difficult than previously thought without crowdsourcing. Usually the registries are pretty inconsistent, but we could create virtually an item for every person in a registry and AFTER that, figure out how to link between them.