How did you figure out that Wikipedia was editable?

Love hearing the stories behind everyone’s first uploads to Commons.

With a similar spirit, it’d be fun to know: how did you first figure out that Wikipedia was editable? Do you remember?


For me, it was sometime in 2006. I sang in a Blues band in high school that was actually fairly decent for high school standards (I’d like to think we were at least!). Our lead guitarist created an article about our band on English Wikipedia, which totally blew my mind. I believe the article actually stayed up for a few years. Can’t imagine why it was ever deleted :P

I do not know, I think I just always knew it, probably since 2002.And the edit button is clearly visible.

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I’ll share this but won’t link to the diffs…
This happened 15 years ago. I read an article on a topic I knew a lot about, but wanted to dispute the contents. I figured from the history who had written that, managed to get to their talk page, and my first edit was about asking a way to privately tell them what was wrong about the data in the article, and “signing” using a different pseudonym. Eventually a conversation around sources and NPOV started publicly, and I promised to come back with a user account to fix the entire thing at some point. That happened - over a year later, but still happened.
In retrospective it sounds obvious that my first edit was to complain about something :D
I feel like I am a very different person and contributor now though. I don’t know that the other person even knows about the anecdote, and doesn’t need to - we got along pretty well later anyway. I think they have fond memories of me, or that’s what I like to believe at least.


I have always known that it was editable. However, I did not understand that anyone can edit it. I thought designated back-end users could only edit it.

What intrigued me the most was knowing in 2017 that there was Igbo language Wikipedia that can be edited by me.
So, it was my sister-in-law Blossom Ozurumba, who is a Wikimedian that enlightened me on the possibilities of Wikipedia and it’s sister projects.


Makes sense, @Ymblanter, for some they probably found out about Wikipedia as a project editable by anyone. When I started helping respond to emails in the Foundation’s general inboxes, I was surprised (probably naively) by how many people still think there’s a small central authority managing and writing all content :P

@Elitre Classic! I think we’re all grateful you kept your word on that one :)

@Uzoma_Ozurumba This is such a good example of why local language projects are so important! Having Igbo Wikipedia as an entry point and then going on to learn about other projects, and co-found the Igbo user group, I might add, is a great story.

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