How do I open a new event?

I can’t find the entry point for it.


Either you go to the map or calendar and tap “create new subject” (the exact button title might be different, my interface is in French).

Or from main page > create subject. Then in “category”, select “event”.

Both are different ways to reach the same point ;)


See also Movement map and calendar.

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Thanks! It shows “create new topic”, which looked as an unrelated thing…

Now that I created it on Wiki Data Days 2020 , how do I make it show up in the map? The address thing does not seem to be working :neutral_face:

I see you figured it out :) You have to click “Find address” in order to get the information from Open Street Map. Not sure if that was the step that was missing, it usually is!

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No, actually it was just a work around. If I left there the street name, it wouldn’t show the location, so I simply removed it. But I guess it would be better if it was able to work with street and number (at least display it)

The results offered when searching for a location come from OpenStreetMap, and will show whatever is available there.

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