How to add a location to your event

If I add a location to an event and I would like to have it on the map, I need to click on the Find address button.

  1. Ideally, the address will be in the list. Select it and click on Done
  2. If the address is not in the list or you receive a No result. message, the event will not appear on the map, but the address you added to the event will be on the event page.
  3. If the address/location is in the list but it is not correct (name or address of the place), you can choose between you will present a wrong location but it will appear on the map, or you do not use the item from the list, the event page will present the correct address but it will not appear on the map.

Is this description correct?

What can I do if I have the third case? I have it at this event, where the postal code is wrong, while it is correct on OpenStreetMap. Where the map data come from?


According to our settings, we are using via as location geocoding provider.


Thanks! I had several attempts to correct a mistake without any success, then I found the answer for my question here:
It looks, that the postal codes were generated in 2012 (!) and did not updated since then…

I still have the question: is it possible to add a location to an event in order to show on the Map, if OpenStreetMap Nominatim cannot find the place?

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What I’ve been doing in those cases is adding an approximate address, and specifying the precise name of the place in the Name (optional) field and the precise location in the topic itself. That way the event shows up within a few blocks of the actual place on the map, and the user has the precise address if they need it.

Sometimes I’ve been able to get the Locations plugin to find a precise address by leaving the post code out or by making minor tweaks to the address itself. But it does take some playing around.

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If an address isn’t in OSM it’s often a good idea to open a Note on the OSM website, explaining to mappers what’s missing (e.g. a building name on a university campus). Someone will probably come and add the missing address.

Another issue I’ve noticed is that it’s (sometimes?) not possible to edit locations, or maybe just for events that were created by a different user. For example, I tried to correct the address in this event to ‘Cottesloe Civic Centre’ (which is found in OSM and so is more accurate than ‘Napier Street’) but although I could change it in the edit form and click save, no new address was saved. I was able to edit other parts of the event though, such as tags.