How to handle category/tag duplication

For example, there’s a Growth category and a growth tag. This is useful because some things are related to the category but have to belong in another category (and a topic can only belong in one) - for example, events in the Events category, or forum configuration requests in About Wikimedia Space. It would be nice to have a uniform convention, though - is the tag only for topics which are not in the corresponding category, or everything? In the latter case, can tagging be automated?


This is a good question, and something we should parse out in more detail. Based on the use cases I heard about, people wanted the tag for instances when the post could not be in that category (i.e. an event about education that belongs in #events rather than #education). However, in terms of discoverability/followability, it may make more sense to duplicate the tag even in the case when it is in the primary category. This may, however, cause some cluttering and make categories obsolete for the above purposes.

I’m curious to know what others think, based on their own use cases?


i use # (hashtag) very extensively on twitter. it is very useful to me: i bring order in my stuff and i can find content from others at the same topic… it would be great to create my own # here…

addendum: I have just noticed: if I make a # - for example: # WikiDienstag123 - I can find this via search function again. as a hyperlink, it would of course be cooler ;-)

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