How to talk about Wikimedia in Education? Webinar 1

The Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation wants to support the Wikimedia community to successfully communicate about the amazing things happening with Wikimedia in education.

We’re hosting a webinar on “How to talk about Wikimedia in education.” These 1 hour sessions will give you the tools to speak to anyone about the impact of using the Wikimedia projects in education. You will also learn about some high impact projects that have already happened, or are happening right now!

Join us here:


are the streams online?

Hi @Sms2sms, We will start the first webinar tomorrow, and will share the videos here after the webinar.

oooops. sorry…

i will be in a video-call at that time: #SmartSetting #wikidienstag #events:wikidienstag

our definition: #SmartSetting & #CommunityCare:

perhaps i can join in the end… for sure: i will watch your session 1 later on…

session 2 i will be part of the party ;-)

Sure, hope to see you :slight_smile:

September 17., 14:30, (UTC+02:00)

hm… when will it be? in which time zone do you work?

wikimedia space is showing me the right time for my timezone? the webinar will start in about 1h 10min? that would be great… i will be a little to late…

In 25 minutes. :slight_smile:

thank you so much :-)