How to talk about Wikimedia in Education? Webinar 2

The Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation wants to support the Wikimedia community to successfully communicate about the amazing things happening with Wikimedia in education.

We’re hosting a webinar on “How to talk about Wikimedia in education.” These 1 hour sessions will give you the tools to speak to anyone about the impact of using the Wikimedia projects in education. You will also learn about some high impact projects that have already happened, or are happening right now!

Join us here for the second webinar:

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if you like, i would have fun to show you, what we are working on: #WikiDienstag (my english is quite poor, but i would love to try it ;-)

about scheduled time: the webinar is parallel to the monthly wikimedia-show… is this correct? @ELappen_WMF (why is wikimedia montly not listed in the calendar?)

The calendar contains whatever events people decide to post, so if you see something missing there, please feel free to add it.

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ok. but… monthly @wikimedia is a wikimedia-thing… and i’m not sure about the time… :-/