Image oneboxes and images with special characters in posts

How this looks like?

I wanted to test how does it look like if I reply to one of the posts, where an image is embedded in that box. I had the feeling, that in this case Discourse uses a larger (resolution) image.

An other comment: Uploading an image to a post does not work with special characters in the file name…


Hey @Samat,

Yes, it is a little bit strange that replying to the onebox has this result. Interesting outcome.

In terms of the special characters, I tried both embedding a link with special characters and uploading an image with a filename with special characters. In both cases, Discourse encoded the special characters and it worked just fine. Can you show me what you did? Or can anyone else reproduce this?

Hi @ELappen_WMF

If I choose the Upload icon in the editor window, then choose From the web option, then copy the URL of an image, for example for this image, this is the result:

Update: I realized, that the problem was, I inserted the Commons description page of the image.
It works with the direct link:

But this is indeed a big image in a forum. How would the boxing solution work? :)

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Discourse has a configuration to automatically save optimized copies of images locally, precisely to avoid this problem. We have disabled this option for now because it is giving problems with the images coming from the blog, and we don’t know why…

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