Improving categories on commons for media from Nigeria


after Wiki Indaba 2019 we discussed in the telegram group that it would be good to improve the categories for media on commons for Nigeria (which hosted this Indaba). I started by creating several categories - Quality images of Nigeria, Buildings in Nigeria by city, Buildings in Ilorin, Roads in Ilorin and Roads in Ibadan. It would be lovely, if people started helping to fill those categories and create similar ones.

If you are interested in helping, but not sure how to create categories, please suggest categories for creation here in this thread and I (or someone else hopefully) will either create it or walk you through the process of creating it.

If you have questions regarding categories, feel free to ask them either here, or to me privately.

Some general rules for categories on commons can be found here


Thanks, Kritzolina, your guidance is very helpful and deeply appreciated. Roads in Ìbàdàn categories will be populated


Please, I want to create a platform for Onitsha, buildings, monuments, festival pictures etc.


I started looking on what we already have for Onitsha - we have the main category for the city and one for the Onitsha Bridge - which by the way looks really interesting - and we have one for a person from Onitsha, the poet Echezonachukwu Nduka. I will create one for buildings in general, but please tell me what else would be useful!

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Onitsha Culture, the current Onitsha Monarch and the past kings., Onitsha Main Market is the largest market in West Africa, markets in Onitsha, Ose Market, Ochanja Market, Igbo Abada, Electronics Market,It is of note the the first President of Nigeria was also an indigene if Onitsha


There is an error… Onitsha River Niger bridge is between Onitsha, Anambra State and Asaba,Delta State likewise the River Niger


Thanks for making me aware of that error - this often happens when people mix up the category about a city or town with other places or things that have the same name. I removed the category Onitsha for now - it is now only listed as a bridge over the river Niger and a bridge in Nigeria.

For the other categories - I will create a general category for people from Onitsha. Not sure if we have media for the current Monarch and the past kings? It only makes sense to create categories, if we do have media. I will also create Culture of Onitsha, I am sure you will help to fill that and I already saw one picture of the Onitsha Market, so I will do some categories for Markets… that will keep me busy for the moment.

Hi Onyinye, about category on Onitsha monarchs, I would suggest that this category be created after you have uploaded those pictures you took in respect of the above topic. Like @Kritzolina said, I am not sure there are media at the moment to create this category.
Having said the above, I am looking forward to seeing those monarch pictures you showed us during WikiIndaba 2019 in commons.

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Okay, I checked the pictures that were there and created the general category:Obi of Onitsha as well as the category:Nnaemeka Achebe. Please check, if I did any mistakes!

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Thank you much. Am originated from Onitsha (an indigene).

Okay. Thanks


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