Indians interested in traveling overland to Wikimania 2020?

It is expected that a large number of Indians will be participating at Wikimania 2020 in Bangkok. Considering the recent sustainability goals:

would this really reduce the carbon footprint sufficiently enough to make it worthy of consideration

would Indians be interested in taking a bus from a suitable place in India (Calcutta) to Bangkok and getting back

would WMF support the unorthodox transport and logistics, more visa work (needs Myanmar visa) and more time needed

Just voicing this thought here for anyone to discuss (and my first post in this forum)


The Dutch Foreign Ministry travel advise for Myanmar is not to travel to border areas with Bangladesh, China, and Laos, and only travel to border areas with India and Thailand if this travel can not be avoided, due to security risks.


I have been intrigued by this post by @Shyamal since it was posted. :slight_smile:

Unless you plan to go through China and the Himalayas, the rout would go through

It can take… up to a week? Two, if you want to return to India by road. You also need to add the section of your trip from/to the region in India were you live.

There are many articles and blog posts about the India - Thailand road trip. Everybody seems to agree that it is an impressive road trip. Opinions about how safe differ.

I am not a member of the Events or Travel teams. However, only considering the safety reasons, I doubt the Foundation would support such trip.