Information from the Volunteer Supporters Network Meeting

There was a Meeting in Zurich last week:

Volunteer Supporters Meeting Zurich

Participants of the meeting are staff members of different Wikimedia affiliates from Europe, are active in the field of volunteer support. The meeting provided a good environment for discussing best practices, tools, and to train each other. Notes were taken about most of the discussions available from the program page of the meeting.

I introduced the Growth experiment and the Wikimedia Space for the participants.

Let me know if you have questions about the event.


Thank you very much @Samat for introducing Space at this event. Was this captured in the notes? I have clicked a couple of etherpads without luck.

Any remarkable feedback that the Space participants and admins should be aware of?

In this forum I had less success, than earlier times: participants generally didn’t want to try or use one more platform for communication (and it was mentioned that there were several other proposals and trials in the previous years). They were rather skeptical, but in the same time it was mentioned as well, that they (as volunteer supporters) will be, where the community is. If the community starts actively using Wikimedia Space, they will follow their members here…


fteue mich dich kennen zu lernen. machte ja vorschlag wegen hörte dann aber nix mehr. auch ok.

The report of this meeting is here: