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Discourse allows you to invite people by email address, which is IMO a nice feature, especially early in the life of a forum; that doesn’t seem to be working here. I wonder if it could be enabled?

I seem to recall email invites having some complicated relationship with the auth methods; they are, or were at some point, incompatible with SSO. As I understand we are not using that, though.

(I can also imagine social reasons why it would be hard - it can be abused, and it can annoy users who have multiple email addresses so Discourse thinks they are not registered yet even though they are. But at least early on the benefits outweigh those drawbacks, IMO.)


We’d like to have this feature back as well. As far as I know, the login via Phabricator is what is preventing this, but the Add MediaWiki login support to Discourse task is moving along nicely and should provide a solution to this. @qgil-WMF may be able to provide more detail on the current incompatibility.

I believe that Discourse couples invitations via email with the ability to create local accounts, and if local accounts are disabled then invitations via email are disabled too.

If we want to have both Wikimedia login and invitations via email, probably we will have to commission the feasibility and development of this technical change.

Mailman has the feature where admins can mass-invite people by email address. I don’t know how much it’s used.

It’d be cool to be able to do it here too. I never used the feature before it was disabled; could any user invite people, or only admins?

When this feature is enabled, Members (trust level 2) can use it.

Admins can set a daily limit of invitations a member can send (10 by default). Admins themselves can also mass-invite people pasting a list of email addresses.


Please do enable, so I can help grow the community.

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We definitely want to re-enable this feature. I’ve been missing it a lot myself. It’s currently incompatible with the Wikimedia login, which requires that we disable local account creation (what @qgil-WMF said above), but I’ve talked to the developer about it and he said he’d be happy to work on it in the next round of development (next quarter).


Great! I hope that this upgrade will finally enable the invite feature so that outsiders could come and join us. :slight_smile:

Hi @Kiril_Simeonovski, I have moved your comment to this topic.

Due to Next steps on Wikimedia Space we haven’t commissioned the development of this feature. Wikimedia login and email invitations to new users remain being incompatible features.