Join us as regional collaborators for Wikimedia Education mapping exercise edit-a-thon!

The Wikimedia Education team is working on mapping the education activities that Wikimedians have been doing across the globe by collecting documentations done by community members and affiliates in different platforms such as Meta, Outreach Wiki, Local Wiki, etc. To conduct the research, we also held interviews with individual program leaders, scanned newsletters, grant proposals, Facebook pages, and country pages, and looked at the various databases within the network. Needless to say, an impressive number of volunteer leaders have worked together and partnered with institutions in their local communities to help create and spread knowledge.

We believe that the centralised document of the Education Programs will help educators and community leaders to understand the strategies, ideas and workflow followed by different affiliates and education leaders, which can be localised into different contexts. However, we are still relying heavily on the whole Wikimedia Education community to help complete the information we may have missed. Using their own knowledge, the community members can help us by inputing the work being done within their communities and the sources they have accessible to them.

We are looking for regional collaborators to help us adding more activities to education mapping exercise.

  • Regional collaborators will help us in successfully organising this education activities data collection event
  • To work closely with the affiliates and find documentation of education activities on their Wikimedia project and add them to the mapping database

Please write to me if you want to join as a regional collaborator:


Hi @SPatnaik-WMF I am interested in this, sending you an email to follow up.


Hi this is Kasyap from Hyderabad India, I am interested in this Regional education collaboration , sent you a mail on this regards.