Let's talk about Wikimedia in education!

Let’s use this thread to discuss topics related to using the Wikimedia projects in education!


Hey @NSaadWMF, welcome to Space! Would love to hear a bit about some cool recent initiatives, or some ideas for the near future that you’d like feedback on!

Hi @ELappen_WMF,

We’re thinking to use the discuss for conversations around Wikimedia in education, and link to it from our education space on Outreach Wiki. We also think we could add education related events and link to them on Outreach Wiki as well.


hi @NSaadWMF - will you have friends @ wikicon.org - it would be fun to meet ;-)

I’m not sure of anyone who will be at WikiCon from the education community. If I hear of anyone, I’ll reply here :)

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i’ll be there :-) :two_hearts::robot::rocket: