Link to any ideas for Space content here

Have you seen something you think might be worth covering in Space? Not sure where to direct it?

This thread will serve as a launch pad for Space content, or a “dump”, as you prefer.

Just drop a link here to whatever content you find interesting that you think could fit in Space. No need to explain or contextualize, although feel free to do that if you are so inclined. Happy linking!


GLAM newletter?

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Wikimedia Foundation News? :speech_balloon:


New WP just in:ߓߏ߬ߟߏ߲߬ߘߊ

h/t @Amire80

It’d be useful to have this topic pinned.

Do we know a contact there? I’d love to reach out and write up something for the blog.

I’m emailing you about this.

@ELappen_WMF, ^^^. I had a hard time finding this thread again.

@Reda_Kerbouche should totally tell us more about :)


Hi @Elitre_WMF Yes I can but what are you interested in?

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Hi, thanks for your question.
I was guessing that there is a nice story behind this achievement, and suggesting that Space could be where you may want to tell the world about it. That’s it :slight_smile: You can connect with Elena if you need help with that. Ciao!

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