Logo brainstorm?

I like it, but there should be a favicon and a logo for the project.
My proposal on a logo for the project:


Pretty cool looking I must say!


Sweet! And the favicon is perhaps just the rocket? :rocket:


We might need a simpler logo, so that it can be legible when it can’t be displayed at 500px.


Totally. It doesn’t even need to be consisted of the Wikimedia logo. Could be anything related to space or maybe better - to communication? Or both to space and communication, like a satellite, or something? But definitely, it should be simple.


New concept. Please add some ideas of what you associate with space and Wikimedia/discussions.


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While the “space” rocket is clever, it doesn’t really get to the heart of what Wikimedia Space is about, which is communication and sharing. Also that rocket was previously used for Search and Discovery, I believe.

The space stars are not bad, but they don’t work well shrunken down. If anything I’d say you might want to move away from the spaceflight metaphor and go with conversation, idea exchange and communication as the themes for any logo.


I’ve been thinking more about ‘space’ as in ‘public space’, i.e. where we come together collectively.


To me Wikimedia space is more about communication, talking, sharing… like a public space should be (@samwilson-WMF).

Maybe including speech bubbles, gears would be a good idea?

Hard to represent “public space” on an icon.

Could be something like https://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/satellite-dish_178541 , that’s still a space reference but does represent communication.

Speech bubbles make sense as well - the original Discourse icon is a play on that:
Maybe just redo that in Wikimedia colors?


We could always represent a public space with a street bench. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Street_benches

A roof represents a friendly space. Put something that represents (members of) the community under the roof. That could be a variant of the icon for child friendly space, mother and child under a roof: https://thenounproject.com/term/child-friendly-space/

I like the idea: speech bubbles under the roof, but this symbol doesn’t fit to the current name of the project (space).

After that I had an idea: (Final) name of the Wikimedia Space

I made this quick test :slight_smile:


Space is a very polysemous word, I understand “Wikimedia Space” as a place where you can talk about Wikimedia, but not really as something related to the “universe”.

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Hello! I just want to remind everyone that this is a “logo brainstorm”. Where we do the following: “All the ideas are noted down and those ideas are not criticized and after brainstorming session the ideas are evaluated”.[1] Please share your input on ideas and stop criticising the naming.

A logo does not need to directly establish a connection to the topic, but with a straightforward logo it’s easy for people to associate and get an idea of what the service do. For me is space a huge empty place with no humans. So, if you fill space with stars, you get a community (in a symbolic meaning ofc.).

Ideas so far summed up: conversation, idea exchange, communication, public space, speech bubbles, street bench, and “under the roof”.

[1] Brainstorming https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Brainstorming&oldid=915928377 Retrieved September 16, 2019


“Communication” + Speech bubble (made Category:Space logo proposals for collecting all the suggestions).