Looking for a Japanese speaker for very small translation

Looking at the Wikidata page for Apple (https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q89), it is strange that the default Wikidata item for Apple in Japanese is written in Katakana(リンゴ, “Label” column) and not in Kanji (林檎, in the “Also known as” column).
Anyone here who can help choosing the right symbols? Thanks in advance!


@Eugene_Ormandy, can you help?

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Help. I’m Japanese Wikipedian.
We use Katakana or Hiragana(リンゴ、りんご) more often than Kanji(林檎) to write letters of “apple(or other fruits)”. So, it seems natural that the default is in Katakana.


Thank you so much for this! :star_struck:

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