Make "Visit Topic" a button on Space emails

Elena, I think I’d love if the link back to the topic from the notification email was way more prominent. It’s been several weeks now and I still struggle with finding it (it being in grey doesn’t help I guess) and right now I hit the one to unsubscribe instead because it says “click here”. Can it be a button perhaps?


Thanks for pointing this out. Seems definitely fixable given that the standard on other Discourse instances (including Wikimedia Developer Support) is a blue button. I think the key is here: Will talk to @HDothiduc_WMF about this.

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I am looking into this. Next time you get an email notification, you could also screenshot the footer area of the email and post it here. I made a slight tweak and wonder if it changed anything.

Screenshots always help! :)

visit%20topic%20button visit%20topic%20button%20blue

Space messages show up like the one on the left (and still this morning, so I don’t think the tweak changed that). The screenshot on the right is from Wikimedia Developer Support. Emails from Discourse Meta also appear with the blue button.

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I don’t get the right view in this thread in my inbox yet.

So the left screenshot now doesn’t show the option to unsubscribe anymore?
Actually all my tweak did was to had a horizontal line and that seems to have worked, I just want a proof first that I am editing the right template.


this is what I see after the message body:
and this is what I see at the bottom of the email, following the message somebody replied to:
So the unsubscribe line is there, but only at the bottom of the whole email.

(Note: my last email arrived 18 hours ago, maybe before your tweak.)

I am sorry, I am not sure I understand. These screenshots are from two different emails? What is the first email?

No, they come from the same email.

This is how a typical thread looks like in Gmail:

Sometimes, the first email has the same format (includes the In Reply to: … part as well), but I haven’t thought on it, what is the difference between the two types of first emails. All following emails have the double structure.

If I don’t click on the ‘Display images below’ link (my usual practice), the appearance is even more confusing, because not clear where one message ends and the other starts.

It’s getting worse? I just got this notification showing links in plain text:

--- [Visit Topic]( or reply to this email to respond.

To unsubscribe from these emails, [click here](

Interesting, I didn’t (I still got the one from the screenshot). But at least this means Hang has located where to edit it! <3

Mhh. I don’t think that was my doing
I only changed



<p style="color: #000000">%{respond_instructions}</p>


assuming %{respond_instructions} maps to the visit topic and the unsubscribe information then I think my changes did not have an effect at all, because it’s not black (#000000) and there is no horizontal line (<hr>) afterwards

What a positive attitude! :heart:

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Sooo, Discourse was updated and with that we now should have a prominent blue “Visit topic” button. It’s not the right color, I will look into this. But from a user experience perspective this should be much better.
@Elitre_WMF, please me know if you have received more emails that seem to have a broken button. The one email I have received so far looked not broken.

This one looked just fine, TY.