Mark as read

I want some method of marking things (e.g., all the events) as read/not new/not something that I’m going to follow. I don’t want them “removed” – I want to be able to search them and find them in the calendar – but I want a way to remove them in bulk from any list of “New” items.

Hiya @Whatamidoing_WMF, if I’m understanding the request correctly, this should already be doable. Say you don’t want any Events in your Latest column on the homepage or in your New section, click on the Events category, find that circle icon in the top right and select “Muted”. You will still be able to search for events, and see them on the map and calendar, but they won’t appear otherwise. Note this also hides the category from the Category column, so you can forget they’re there all together, if you wish :)

I’ll try that, and with luck, you won’t have to remind me in a few months that the Events category exists and contains the information I want… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh interesting feature! Just tested it and you can still go to this dropdown menu to see all the categories (including the one you muted) :v: