Movement Strategy: New roles for working group members, synthesis underway, and more

I’m happy to share an overview of what’s been happening in movement strategy lately.

New roles and bringing the recommendations together
From now until the end of the year, the focus will be on identifying the overlaps in the 89 recommendations produced by the nine thematic area working groups. The goal here is to create one synthesized set of recommendations and an accessible, digestible Movement Strategy document to be shared publicly in January.

To do this, we asked working group members in October to let us know if they’d be interested in continuing to contribute to the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy in one of the following roles: Writer, connector, or reviewer.

15 have signed up to be writers, 10 as connectors, and 17 as reviewers. Writers will look for overlaps and similarities in the existing content to see where multiple recommendations could be merged and unified. Connectors will work closely with writers to help them improve and expand the content and assess how and where to best integrate phase 1 material, research, and community input. Reviewers will go through the synthesized recommendations and provide specific additional perspectives, expertise, contexts, and advice as needed.

The writers are currently in a high period of activity, which began in early November and will run through December, with ongoing support from the connectors. Alongside bringing together the existing recommendations, they are also defining principles that underpin and guide the content of these recommendations. The writers will come together in Berlin in the first week of December to work intensively on consolidating the recommendations and finalize the work.

Next steps
When the synthesized recommendations are ready and published in early 2020, a final round of movement conversations will take place. Movement stakeholders will have a chance to understand the path towards these recommendations and to review the semi-final document. The final recommendations will be presented to the Board of Trustees in March and subsequently to the movement for approval. The first step towards implementation will be discussing prioritization and sequencing of the recommendations, as well as agreeing upon responsibilities for bringing each recommendation to life. See timeline for a timeline.

We’ll keep you posted on future developments and more concrete steps towards approval here, so stay tuned!


Thanks! To be clear, is the set of the current 89 recommendations?

Yep, this is the second iteration that has been published after Wikimania. These are now in the process of being consolidated to one set of recommendations.

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You asked only 3 days ago, and we do care. We will mark the paragraph for translation soon, sorry for overlooking this.

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Drei Tage für den Bericht auf der Hauptseite des Projekts? Da erwarte ich tägliches Mitlesen der Verantwortlichen, erst recht der Hauptamtlichen, genau dafür werden sie doch bezahlt.

Hmmm…nur Jubelmeldungen erlaubt? Oder was habe ich nun schon wieder falsch ausgedrückt?