Movement Strategy: Synthesizing the recommendations and next steps

I am happy to share some updates about movement strategy with you all here on Space. The core team has spent the last few weeks developing and finalizing a plan to take forward the work that the nine working groups have done and, from this, create one set of recommendations.

To ensure enough time to do this effectively and to facilitate community input on the synthesized recommendations as well as endorsement, we have adapted the movement strategy timeline.

What’s next for working groups
The nine working groups are currently putting any remaining finishing touches on the current, second iteration of their recommendations. This version reflects inputs and perspectives that were shared by the movement online and in person prior to, during, and after Wikimania, including at many strategy salons and the two regional summits.

Any final bits of relevant research will be integrated, and some groups may make small refinements to their work. They are also in the process of ranking their recommendations to indicate which ones, in their perspective, are the most foundational for driving change in our movement.

Following this, working group members will conclude the duty that they signed up for (by 1 November). We are incredibly grateful to each working group member for their tireless efforts and support.

In the meantime, the core team and contracted strategy liaisons will also be working to share back information with online and offline communities about how the feedback they have shared so far has been reviewed and incorporated into the existing drafts of recommendations.

Synthesizing recommendations
The focus over the next few months will be on synthesizing the 89 recommendations to develop one set. To help create a product that is concise and clear, overlaps in the content will be identified to see where certain recommendations could be merged. Others may be forwarded for consideration to the implementation process. Others might conflict and need to be reconciled.

To do this work, a new working group will be formed, comprised of existing working group members who are interested in continuing to contribute. This new group will consist of:

  • Writers who will synthesize the recommendations and develop one coherent set.
  • Connectors who will help writers make sense and further integrate existing material, research, and input from community conversations, both past and upcoming.
  • Reviewers who will bring in specific additional perspectives, expertise, contexts, advise at different times of the process.

The sign up process for this new group is currently underway, and best ways to support the content creation are being assessed. We will provide updates here soon. Reach out to me and the core team in case you have any questions or reflections.


Thanks for the update. One of the recommendations was about term limits and prevent concentration of power in a small group of people. In that light it would have made sense to me to create the new group not from existing working group members, but from a fresh set of people.

In my personal experience as a working group member, involving new people (or even the people who have signed up a year ago but not participated much) was very hard. I’m not sure how realistic finding a fresh set of people would have been.

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Thanks for your comment, Ad, and for the additional context, Gergő. Building on the experience from the previous 14 months, we decided not to onboard new people into the process, but work with those who have been involved in that role previously. We will ensure that the new group is well supported and potentially add external support to add fresh and diverse perspectives. We’ll provide more info on how this will all go once we know more. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: