Multilingual plugin for Discourse released

Even though Discuss Space will be wrapping soon, I wanted to let you know about a development spearheaded by the Space team that will represent huge improvements for multilingual Discourse communities in the future.

When we launched Discuss Space back in June, we had a budding vision of what initial multilingual features could look like. We discussed those in Discussions in many languages, organized by tags.

Over the months, and working closely with a developer, that vision grew into a Multilingual plugin, which extends the existing Discourse locale system significantly. The plugin was published last week under an open source license and is available now for any Discourse forum.


This plugin provides:

  1. an administrative interface for all languages used on your forum;
  2. a content language system which lets you and your users filter content on your forum by language;
  3. an integration with the Discourse Translator Plugin 3, which automates aspects of the content language system;
  4. the ability to translate category names, tags and other semi-static text 1 on your forum;
  5. the ability to disable the use of existing interface languages 1 on your forum;
  6. the ability to add custom interface languages 3 (‘locales’) directly to your forum;
  7. enhanced guest language features including a guest interface language (‘locale’) switcher (as a footer bar or menu); and
  8. optional interface language and content language fields at signup (coming soon).

The plugin is already being tested by other communities and has received good feedback.

For more details and screenshots, check out the Multilingual Plugin topic in the Discourse Meta forum.


This looks great @ELappen_WMF, thanks for sharing this. I think it speaks of indeed the vision that the Space team had for Discuss Space. It’s sad that this vision will not be allowed to further realize ; it’s a silver lining that it will help other Discourse communities with multilingual content.