New Events tab created

In response to the many requests to filter events (for example 1, 2, 3), and in thinking it through more, we have decided to add a separate Events tab to the secondary navigation bar. Now, all events are listed there rather than on the main Latest page.

This should make it easier for those interested in focusing on events to do that, and for those looking for only discussion topics to more easily see what’s being talked about. Everyone who has muted Events can safely unmute, and visit the Events tab to see event activity.


@Fuzheado, @Stryn, @Delphine_WMF, @Elitre_WMF, @Whatamidoing_WMF, and whoever else was interested in this (or has just become interested in this!), let us know what you think of the change :)

I like(d) it! :+1: :100:


It turned out that, when we moved events to a separate tab and muted them on the homepage, it was confusing users and hiding events too much. We’ll have to come up with a longer-term solution down the road. We have gone back to no events tab and events in the Latest on the homepage. If you’d like to mute them, you may do so from your category preferences.