News post idea: Adding browser tests for a gadget

I’ve been thinking about writing another blog post – a walkthrough for writing browser tests for a gadget (or user script), to ensure that you find out as soon as possible if the gadget breaks, e. g. due to a change in MediaWiki or an extension. This would be targeted at developers (though not only gadget developers – you can set this up for any gadget you like, even if you’re not the original developer), because I think it would be great if more people did this – it’s been very helpful for AC/DC already.

Would this be a good topic for Wikimedia Space, or should I rather post it on my own blog (or elsewhere)?


I think this would be great. It’s sharing knowledge and empowering others to use tools to better their own work. I’d be happy to help review a draft if you’re interested Lucas!


mich würde es interessieren. :two_hearts::robot::rocket:

I’d probably write it on as a documentation page, and send a mention to wikitech-l and maybe Tech News.

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