Old draft appears when creating a new topic

I also had a somehow-related question: why not display space as a traditional forum, where you enter a category and find subcategories, and allow to create a subject there?

For example, when I decided to create this topic, I was in the “About Wikimedia Space” category. But when I clicked “create new topic”, it brought up the draft of an event I had abandoned weeks ago… It would be more intuitive if the new post automatically had the right category.

Hey @DRanville_WMF!

Not exactly sure how Space’s setup is different. If you go into any category or subcategory and hit “+ New Topic”, it opens a text box with that particular category or subcategory already selected. The only exception should be…

when you have an unfinished draft anywhere on the site. It will pull that up unless you close it. I personally find this useful because sometimes I start to write a draft, get distracted, and am only reminded about my work in progress when it pops up the next time I go to write something. If other people find it more annoying than helpful, though, we can see about changing it.

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Ok I see. It can be useful indeed. But maybe it should clearly propose the option “do you want to continue your draft?” or “start a new topic here”? A little like when you have drafts saved in Twitter…?
Maybe also clearly state “abandon/delete” or “save draft” when you close the draft window so that it doesn’t save something you just want to shut?

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