On gratitude and Tech News

Posted this on Meta earlier, which is to a large degree about the Tech News translators:


Wow, it’s nice to see so much emotion about something as technical as the Tech News. It makes me laugh a bit at first, thinking to the contrast between this quite repetitive translation work and what you express there. But the success of a great project is obviously based on some technical performance and evolution. I expect that the contributors who read the news feel supported by our work to translate them, just like they feel supported by you writing them.


Many thanks for the thanks for my translations.

I am very happy to help in translations into my language and follow all the news.


I’m also happy to translate. I just never can’t know is there anyone actually reading my translations even though it’s distributed to few talk pages and on the newsletters page on Finnish Wikipedia. But I hope there is, and that someone actually is more interested of the news because it’s translated to native language.
Tech news is also pretty easy to translate because items are not too long and the language is usually simple English.


Thank you, for collecting the tech news. Even though you may think that you are “just doing your job”, for those of us who strongly identify with the Wikimedia movement these sort of news are sorely needed. It is one of those kind of news that is almost always exclusively positive. And seeing something positive regularly in this community (or any community for that matter) shines a light on my day, bring me hope of never ending improvement, and joy that we are doing this together. Thank you for that.