Open call to affiliates to participate in the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom Pilot

To express interest please write to nsaad @

The Education Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is excited to announce a pilot aimed at exploring how we can deepen teachers’ ability to use Wikipedia in the classroom in different geographies and languages. We want to help teachers to use Wikipedia as a tool for information literacy in the classroom. The goal is to turn reading Wikipedia in the classroom from a “no-no” to an “oh-yes” by demonstrating how to critically evaluate Wikipedia articles, and how to incorporate this into local curricula.

We are looking for three affiliates to partner with us on this pilot.

Your Role

You would agree to support the Education Team to secure partnerships within the school system, and support the local coordinator to carry out project activities to conclude by June 2020.

Our Role

We will provide funding for a local community coordinator, on-site capacity building workshops for your affiliate staff, and ongoing project support.

We are asking for affiliate partners to meet these criteria:

  • Supporting a Wikipedia with at least 100,000+ articles (exception may be made if there are at least enough good quality articles to align with the school curricula)
  • Located in an emerging community
    **We want to pilot in contexts where teacher digital literacy, attitudes towards Wikipedia, and/or infrastructure pose challenges
  • Capacity to host and support part time local community coordinator funded by the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Interest in Wikimedia Education work, and desire to build capacity around the development of educational materials, building partnerships in the school system, and teacher support
  • Willingness to collaborate on the design and dissemination of materials
  • Willingness to support data collection
  • Willingness to support the translation of materials

We would love to be part of this initiative. I work as a teacher and I have a degree in education as well. So this is like a dream come true. I talked to my local Wikimedia User Group Wikimedistas de Bolivia and I have their full support to get this pilot going. I live in La Paz, Bolivia where there is a common consensus that Wikipedia should be avoided at all costs, when in reality it is used by everyone, even teachers because of the type of homework given to students.


Attitudes towards Wikipedia might also be negative in non-emerging communities. I hear from my kids both in highschool in The Netherlands they are not allowed to cite Wikipedia, because Wikipedia is not reliable. My kids circumvent this rule by heavily using Wikipedia and citing references supplied in the Wikipedia articles they have read (which references they probably never have read.) Would you be open to pilot in this context as well?

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Hi AdHuikeshoven,

We are only piloting in 3 localities for this initial iteration. We plan to scale up exponentially in the next few years, and in the scaling will definitely look at all contexts. We want to pilot in contexts that are often overlooked when designing teacher support and curriculum, and therefore are looking exclusively at the global south for the initial 3 localities. Thank you for understanding.

Hi Alhen,

Can you have a rep from Wikimedistas de Bolivia contact me? They would need to own the partnership should we select Bolivia for the pilot. Thank you very much for your interest, and look forward to liaising further!

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