Partnerships with local city or state governments?

Hi everyone! Quick question - Are you aware of any affiliate or volunteer that has worked in collaboration with a local city government or administration? I’ve heard of examples of partnerships with local city agencies to find databases of street names to later create WP articles on the notable names. (There have been other examples in the context of WLM as well.)

Any example you’re aware of would be very useful. Feel free to ping me directly if you have more questions on this. Thanks, all!!


Hi! I think it would help if you could elaborate on what you want the examples / contacts for. I.e. What are the end goal(s). Because:
A) People are less likely to volunteer their own names (or their peers’ names) if they don’t know what they’re signing up for!
B) More context about the request might help people think of tangential examples that could also help you.
C) That would help narrow it down from “everyone who has ever consulted a city’s official archives”. HTH! :)


we do stuff like this. with the city of zurich. sprint46:


Wikimédia France has several local partnerships with cities or equivalent authorities. @Remy_WMFr, do you have more details?


Hello, thank you @Trizek-WMF. Yes we have several partnerships with cities like Toulouse, Brest or Sevran and we receive public funding from the Ministry of Culture to support the development of regional and minority languages on Wikimedia projects . We also receive a label from the Ministry of National Education to intervene in schools. Available to answer question :slight_smile:


Thanks, Quiddity (and apologies for the late reply). The question is super broad at the moment to actually try to capture some very generalized ideas on this (like the few we’ve been receiving). I’ll follow up later on once we’ve been compiling more info, but for now, the query was quite broad and general. I appreciate your help and suggestions!

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