Prelinger Library Wiki-a-thon with Bay Area Wiki Salon

Join us for another wiki-a-thon hosted by the Prelinger Library and the Bay Area Wiki Salon! Building on the good vibes of the first Prelinger Library-BAWS Wiki-a-thon that was held in February of this year, we will continue working together to create and improve Wikipedia articles and enrich other Wikimedia projects using the unique, largely image-rich and public domain, holdings of the Prelinger Library , a collection 19th and 20th century historical ephemera, periodicals, maps, and books not commonly found in other public libraries.


This upcoming Wed (August 7), a few people are having a planning session at 6:15pm. Feel free to join via hangouts at or by phone at ‪+1 413-728-2914‬ PIN: ‪123 845 745‬# if you’re curious and want to participate. nevermind, sounds like this won’t be very convenient at the library

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How did it go? If you have any photos of the library space, I’d love to see it!

We were kinda enamored by the tour and forgot to take photos! Apparently you can kinda peruse it online tho

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