Promote wikivoyage to let everyone know

I have created the Youtube channel of the Wikivoyage, and I also tried to help anyone easily to edit any page of the Wikivoyage by teaching; I also tried to use the government’s charity activities to promote us.

I think there is still a need to do more in the promotion. I will promote the Wikivoyage at the COSCUP of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on August 18th. In addition, I will adopt streetlights in the local government (they will help us to announce the “維基導遊” on the streetlights, see pitcure, the “維基導遊” is “Wikivoyage”), but Still need everyone to promote and support…

In the discussion of the Telegram group of Chinese Wikivoyage, we will publish DOTM and OTBP regularly in the group in the future. For the external part, we need to promote the Wikivoyage on YouTube, Blog, News and other websites or government activities. I think can improve the exposure of Wikivoyage.

However, the effectiveness of relying on me to promote Wikivoyage is limited. I hope that everyone can help with external promotion, so that everyone can know that Wikivoyage has many good travel information and sharing platforms! Thanks!


I am afraid the key is the position in the search engine outputs, and we are clearly still struggling with this.

Thank your reply, we hope can more viewer support wikivoyage.

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A few thoughts, more questions than answers. :expressionless:

From a social perspective:
Are there groups or organizations that Wikivoyage could partner with to increase awareness and visibility of the project? Local travel bureaus, tourism boards, map makers, etc. Host an edit-a-thon, donate images (both too and from the movement!), speak to travel agents and hostel owners.

From a technical perspective:
I wonder if there is anything that can be done semantically to help Wikivoyage search restults. If I recall correctly, all Wikimedia wiki are generally the same when it comes to the metadata exposed to search engines. Being more specific on how we present Wikivoyage to search engines (via meta data and how the content is formatted for indexing) might be something we could do. I’m invoking Cunningham’s Law here. :)

A few general tasks (not Wikivoyage-specific) as examples: