Proposal for a Space progress report

We have Success criteria for the Wikimedia Space prototype 1 and therefore we need to measure our way to success!

Let’s prototype a monthly progress report. The metrics could be at the top, followed by a list of other success criteria achieved. Maybe each monthly report could be its own blog post. Maybe the first one could be published next week, with the September 30 data?

These are some first ideas discussed between the Space admins for what to include in the monthly reports. Let us know what you think.

Below, N means a number.


For more information about these levels, see Trust levels and user rights in Wikimedia Space.


  • N blog posts per week (average)
  • N languages with more than 2 blog posts per month (list of languages)
    • N in non-Latin script (list)
    • N in right-to-left script (list)
  • N volunteers in the Editorial Board
  • N languages other than English supported by native volunteer reviewers


  • N daily visits (average)
  • N daily engaged users (liking or posting, average)
  • N active closed groups
  • N languages other than English with more than 5 users participating in that language
    • N in non-Latin script (list)
    • N in right-to-left script (list)
  • N volunteers in the Moderators team
  • N languages represented on Moderators team (list of languages)

Wikimedia Foundation

  • N% of departments briefed about Wikimedia Space
  • N% of Foundation announcements published in Space
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