Rapid Grants


why is there a minimum limit of 500$ for a Rapid Grant. I think this amount is to high. There are events who need one day and for them you dont need 500$. If the summary needed to get a funding is so high. Then people who want to get funding maybe spent money for something they dont need so that they reach the amount of 500$. This is a situation who is not good. And this should be changed.


I think it was introduced to reduce administrative workload.
Sending money to different parts of world costs money (it used to be around $50 per transaction).

You can bundle several events together in one longer grant.
I have done this myself with WLM grant that included community microgrants budget for half a year.

However, I still agree that true rapid grants should be less limiting and more rapid. I hope suggestions from Strategy process will be implemented.

Hi @Hogü-456, thanks for your question. I’m Chris Schilling, a program officer managing the Rapid Grants program. While I acknowledge there are needs for events and projects that are less than $500 USD, there are two reasons this minimum has been implemented:

  • In the past, when there was no minimum for the program, requests for less than $500 USD generally came from developed communities where there is better infrastructure, access to resources, and opportunity for partnerships to support these proposals. Strategically, we want to prioritize Rapid Grants for emerging communities where the environment for project planning and event organizing is more challenging, and access to these kinds of resources is limited.
  • There are limitations on our own staffing on the Community Resources and Finances team to review and process Rapid Grants, and removing this minimum would increase the number of proposals we receive each month. Requests that are less than $500 still require review from a program officer like myself and processing from grant administrators who develop a grant agreement and figure out the logistics of sending funding to individual and organizational grantees. I am open to revisiting this minimum when we have appropriate staffing to review a higher load of proposals each month than we are currently able.

@Papuass - Regarding the cost of sending funds, while there are costs associated with this, it’s not very substantial and wasn’t a factor for implementing this minimum.

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