Re: [African Wikimedians] Advice on infobox templates for smaller language versions

Dear All

  who knows the place where to find friendly wikipedians who are


  For us at swwiki (and probably other smaller language versions

too) importing templates for infoboxes has become more and more
challenging as these have grown to be more and more complicated.

  As we just started with a new batch of admins and look to

consolidate our newly won editors, we would be most happy to have
a zoom session with someone who can guide us thru the infobox
template labyrinth.

Grateful for any advice

Ingo - Kipala from swwiki

Try asking User:Vriullop ( ) in the Catalan Wikipedia. They tried to build their infobox in a way that will be easy to export to other languages. It still requires some work, but it’s less complicated than in English.

Also, since you’ve brought this up, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my suggestion to make templates generally easier to share across wikis:,_short_version

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Hi Ingo, hi everyone,

On the Hausa Wikipedia we experimented with the databox template and it’s giving very good results (more or less 80% of the articles use the template right now). It’s less work-intensive that infoboxes, which is great while the community is still small (50-60 active users here with 5-10 reasonably skilled and editing on a weekly basis). There is a bit of work to do at the beginning to translate labels on Wikidata but in the end I think it’s worth it.

This page gives pretty straightforward information on how to make it work, but I’m available to give advice/help if needed of course.


Bertrand/DonCamillo on Wikimedia projects

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