Re: [African Wikimedians] African-Wikimedians Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7

Hi Rudolph, most welcome, karibu sana! What is your wiki - ID?
(you know among us wikipedia people we often like to snoop a bit
and see how the other one has edited, on what topics etc - to
which our software luckily gives us the opportunity to be curious
a bit)

Cheers - Kipala from swwiki

Hello Ingo,

Your question is in order but I’d like to point out that Wikipedia username or editing was not a criteria for this job and Rudolph don’t have to be a Wikipedia editor to take up this role. It’s an added advantage but not just a requirement.

Of course Rudolph could provide their Wikim§edia username if they are already registered.



We need to learn to work on Wikipedia articles together, or just share the process, the knowledge.

I will be attending the Conference on the Status of Women in March. I usually sit in on the African women caucus.

Do you have any handouts?

I am working on a new Wikipedia article about an early African American pioneer in Anthropology. It is going to take longer than I thought. I found out about this Anthropologist 25 years ago when I was taking a class at Columbia university in ethnographic cinematography.

I ordered some books from Amazon to learn more, and to get more details. I have been wanting to do this article for over a year now. I have many conversations with friends when I work on articles, sharing what I learned. It adds value to our conversations. Some of friends even get into the subject of the articles and buy books. This is what colleagues do.