Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Sir, I have been banned from wikimedia, for using multiple id names for editing.


Again my wikipedia pass word, is stuck up please help. Yesterday also I created one new article in kannada.


After the request my account was opened. Till yesterday I created article and edited it in Kannada language. Today morning again blocked. In the sand box I have prepared a new article But can not fix it.



IP address radhatanaya. I changed my password last week.

Now Iā€™m not able to enter my site. and contribute or edit my article. Please help me.

with regards,


Dear sir,

My IP is blocked universally. Can not change my password. please help me.


Radhatanaya (H.R.Laxmivenkatesh)

Editor, Wikipedia. (kannada)

-M : 900 4356819