Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Wikimediaindia-l Digest, Vol 1886, Issue 1

Hi Joseph Seddon !!

Nice to know about the fundraiser in India.

According to the fundraiser request page (that asks for PAN number), looks like WMF is really serious to generate some money from India.

Probably, WMF is now well aware of FCRA and other regulations in India…Thanks to the discussions that happened (on the mailing list or off the list) during the de-recogniation of the India chapter !!

It is likely that WMF can receive money directly from general Indian public.

Was impressed with this and out of curiosity, digged a bit further on the QR code. Found that the money goes to some Depansum Solutions Private ltd.

More digging into this showed that the company is incorporated in 2018 and has capital of just Rs. 1 lakh !!!

I suppose WMF gives out much more money to various volunteers and user groups for even many smaller projects.

Not sure how and why WMF found such a great creditable company to receive money on their behalf !!

This is surely going to raise a doubt about WMF intentions especially when this is coming up after the closure of India activities.

Dont know how and why CIS-A2K was not involved in this money receiving. I think they have the required financial permissions.

Hope WMF answers these queries quickly. OR else, the usual delay in response will confirm something fishy going on somewhere !!

Have a good day and be safe and coronafree !!

Hey all, I hope everyone is doing well.

Just wanted to address an email that was sent in July but only recently came through the mailing list. Depansum Solutions is a legitimate partner of dLocal, the Wikimedia Foundation’s payment service provider for India. [1] Dlocal provides credit & debit card and bank transfer infrastructure for the WMF for our indian campaign. We use a number of payment providers in different countries across the globe.