Recurring events on movement calendar

Some communities have recurring events: monthly or weekly meetups and workshops, always at the same place. There are good points of contact for new users or people curious about Wikimedia. Will it be possible to have a recurring events feature to list them?


This could be a useful addition to the calendar, thanks for the suggestion! It appears that this feature has been brought up to the plugin developer, but has not been prioritized thus far: It’s a new plugin, so there are a number of things still getting sorted.

We’re going to look into and prioritize requests made in this Space feature requests subcategory over the next couple of months. Keep your eye out for updates!


I think that @VIGNERON would be happy to have this feature activated. ;)


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Yes and there is a Swedish editathon that have been going for over 260 Tuesdays in a row at the same place. I bet they would be happy to not have to update every week.


In addition to this: by default, a “cloneable” event post mostly needs to always say the same thing every time. This is caught by a filter though, and mostly identical posts aren’t allowed. I think that if we really need that feature around, it needs to be manually overridable (“yes, the only difference here is the date, I am sure I want to post this”).

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I think the easiest way would probably be to work with the developer to add a box to check along the lines of “this is a recurring event” where you can either manually input dates or select a frequency. Then if you need to add more dates later, you’d just return to the original event and update it. Would this make sense in the use cases you’re thinking about?

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We should have a way to check if recurring events are still recurring, with a time to time check. :)

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Yes, great idea. Any thoughts on how to best do this? We could possibly have a maximum time that people can set their events to recurring. Or have an email automatically sent to the owner of a recurring event after a specific time (every 3 or 6 months, perhaps?) where they need to confirm the event is still recurring or it will be removed. Or another way? What do you think?

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I think that an automatic reminder would be great.

Yeah, I guess I was suggesting some kind of workaround until that option isn’t available. (I thought we had already requested the “recurring” option upstream?)

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It’s in the queue of things we’ll be working on in the upcoming weeks. I don’t imagine it’ll be too much longer until we have a real solution.

A note that this is being worked on by the plugin author here:

We have committed this feature for this quarter, so if development stalls we intend to commission finishing it.

IIUC they aren’t making much progress?

Yes it looks like it’s stalled now. They were going strong for a while there :) We have to finish our first round of multilingual features and this will be next in the queue.