Request mirror for wikimediapt mailing list

@qgil-WMF - @GoEThe is one of the ML administrators
@GoEThe please see: Integrating mailing lists to Wikimedia Space

What do you think of mirroring WikimediaPT ( here?


It should be fine, I guess.


Thank you for your interest in taking part of this test. There are two mailing lists that have requested mirrors in the queue. You will be the third ones.

We want to create these mirrors one after the other with some time in between to assure that everything goes fine.

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Thanks! I’ll be around, in case you need anything.

The mirror should work as soon as the subscription request to the list is approved:

Awaiting moderator approval

I just approved it.

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Thank you @GoEThe!

As soon as an email is sent to that list, it should show up automatically in the new #mailing-lists:wikimediapt-list category:

If someone wants to translate those instructions to Português, we can add them to the About post.