Right-to-left language support

I automatically got Hebrew because that’s what my phone is set to. The interface strings have some mistakes, bit I guess I can fix it in Transifex. A much bigger problem is that almost everything is shown right to left, including English content.

MediaWiki had a similar problem until 2011, but it was fixed, mostly by the amazing SPQRobin.

Until it’s fixed in Discourse, I guess I’ll have to use it in Belarusian or something.


This is really good to know, thank you @Amire80!

Is this topic upstream relevant?

It would be useful to report any specific bugs upstream.

Hey again @Amire80,

Doubling back here as I did some reading and have just enabled “support mixed direction text”, which may resolve this issue. I know it will allow users to post RTL (see the double arrow button above the text box), but am wondering if it has an effect on the UI.

Can speakers of any RTL language let me know how it looks now with mixed RTL and LTR UI?

This post is a test.

Trying to write a paragraph in English.

מנסה לכתוב פסקה בעברית.

OK, so as you can see in the test post above, it probably automatically sets the direction of each paragraph in the content automatically. It’s a bit of an improvement. However, it still sets the direction of a lot of English components to right-to-left, which makes tehm mostly unusable.

Sorry :man_shrugging:t4:

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