Servers are down?

Are you also experiencing technical problems on Wikipedia, Meta etc.?

I cannot load a page for more than 15 minutes now.
Sometimes, a page partly loaded but without CSS, sometimes loaded partly but I couldn’t edit. But most of the time I receive timeout after minutes.


Others reported the same problem, but it looks good now.
Still doesn’t work…

Do you have information about what happened?

Ongoing sites-wide incident. SRE are working on it. They’ll provide details once resolved.


Rumored to be a DDOS-attack. Not cool.

But it’s cool that Space is still working.


Sometimes completely down, sometimes just very slow.

In Russia we got the same problem. I can open Wikimedia projects only via VPN (i’m using Canadian IP). I think this is a problem for all European users.

Good point!

The solution for impatient enthusiasts and wikiaddicts: use a VPN with US or Canadian IP :wink:


Aktuell läuft wohl gerade eine massive DoS-Attacke auf die Server der Wikimedia Foundation. #Wikipedia und andere Projekte der WMF sind für viele (hauptsächlich europäische) Nutzer momentan nicht erreichbar.

Post from the Wikimedia Foundation:


New DoS attack. Someone is DoSsing Amsterdam nodes AFAIK…

No problem to reach wikipedia sites from within The Netherlands now.

Yeah, pages is not unreachable. Just extremely slow, if not cached.