Social media and news tracker

A Space element that might be cool, if we can find a good way to do it, is a tracker of News reports and/or Twitter/Facebook posts.

There is something like this twitter stream plugin that might be an inspiration for that


I was mentioning to the team that I need a space (ahah) where I can just lazily “dump” stuff that could be worth a blogpost and/or a thread at some point here.

Integrating social media and news trackers in Space is part of our vision indeed. However, the details haven’t been discussed. Thank you @TheDJ for opening this topic. Let’s discuss here.

Implementation details that come to mind:

  • Which sources are we talking about? Real examples would help this conversation and perhaps experiments with first candidates.
  • Do these social media and news feeds plug into the Blog or Discuss? Or to the Blog and from there to Discuss?
  • How to find the balance between keeping an informative feed of social media and news without flooding Space?

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