Some characters not 100% visible

In page titles some characters are not 100% visible. See for example here the letter “g” in “viewing” and in “bug”:

Same at on the list for example for category “Languages”.

I don’t know is it only Firefox on my Windows laptop.


Thanks @Stryn for reporting this! Anyone else who sees the same problem, can you share your browser and operating system here? I unfortunately can’t reproduce the the problem on Firefox on my Mac.

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The header of Visual bug when viewing attendees in Events looks good to me both in Firefox and Chrome for Ubuntu.

OS: MacOS Mojave
Browser: Google Chrome 76.0.3809.132

Not a problem for me either.

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Yes, letters are cut at bottom on Firefox.

I have Palemoon on Windows 7, same problem as Stryn has.

So maybe it’s contained to Windows, the font could be rendered a bit differently.
I have adjusted to font size of the title to be a bit smaller. I made the change only in the Development Theme (not stable), you can enable it in your interface preferences. Can you check and let me know if you notice a difference?

Not really better. Btw I’m a bit worried if there is not Windows computers in the Wikimedia office…

Note the lower “bug” after “About Wikimedia Space” is not cut off in the new theme.

Why would you think someone is working from a centralised office when 50% of the staff is remote and almost all contractors work from home ? ;)

This is likely because of .extra-info-wrapper .topic-link having overflow:hidden set. Having overflow hidden on an inline element risks cutting off descenders/ascenders.

Chrome on win8.1 has the same cut-off from the descender of “g”. Developer theme looks the same on Sept 23.

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