Space Calendar: limit events by geography?

Hi there. I looked at the Calendar and saw a lot of events that will happen on other continents than mine. How about if I can choose the countries and regions that are close enough for me so that I might attend a meetup?


Hi @Ziko. You might be willing to join events to which live streaming and remote participation is available, no? So, if this geographical limitation is enabled one might also want to take into consideration whether or not the event is streamed and remote participation is possible, IMHO.

You can click on the map and choose whatever is geographically close to you, if I understand the question correctly.

Yes, @Ymblanter, I can click on the map. But I can imagine that in future there will be many many more entries. And I would have to figure out by myself where the locations are. So I would like to see only the events in my vicinity.

@Joalpe: True - so we would need several factors or parameters. I would like to filter the entries I get to see by:

  • location (vicinity or other);
  • online or possibility to take part in some way online;
  • thematic relevance for me (I might be interested in general and GLAM meetings, but not in software development meetings).
    Other factors?
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By the way: sometimes in the Wikimedia world or elsewhere I see invitations for an event in X-town. And the organizers did not consider to mention in their press release to explain WHERE X-town is. At least they could indicate the next larger city or the district or region.

For example, if you plan an event in Isselburg, you should indicate the district and German state (district Borken, state North-Rhine-Westphalia), and all people in the German speaking countries will understand where Isselburg is - and whether it makes sense to go there for a day-trip.

Hi @Ziko,
Nice idea. My initial inclination is that we can probably resolve this with the use of tags, and more effectively once tags are better populated.

Say, for example, I’m interested in GLAM events in Brazil. I can do an advanced search in the Events category, using the #glam and #português tags:ês

This of course will eventually also pull up events in Cape Verde, Portugal, Mozambique, and other Portuguese-speaking places… As of now, we’ve considered language tags more in depth, but we could also talk further about regional tags. I should note that you can configure your notifications to be notified whenever anything is posted within specific categories/tags.

If we decide we’d also like live streaming to be searchable this way, well, simple, let’s just add a live streaming tag. If, however, we want to have a button to click to direct the user to the live streaming event, which I think is more what @Joalpe initially had in mind, that’s a little different. Perhaps adding the button could be configured to automatically also add the live streaming tag.

If you want to browse all events in your vicinity rather than search/filter for specific characteristics, I’d say zoom in :)

This should be resolved as users put their events on the map, right?

Would a system like this adequately fill the need you’re describing? Thanks for starting this conversation.

I think an important question is whether past events stay on the map, disappear or go to a dedicated map for past events.


I really like this idea to be able to sort or find or tag (or something) to be able to identify online events. This will be one of the asks that can really help to identify community events that have the potential to bridge distance and geography and in so doing help build community.

That most of my meetings and interactions occur via distance is only one aspect of my interest in this!

This can be configured. As of now, previous events will remain on the map and the calendar. It seems to me to make total sense to keep past events on the calendar, for the map I’m not so convinced.

I’ve just added a new tag #online-attendance to signify that the event will be either entirely online or available online in some form. As with all other tags, this tag is searchable. It is also so far the only tag that I’ve enabled an icon for (a laptop) to make it stand out when browsing. Thoughts?


The online-attendance is a great tag. I wonder about languages: we surely don’t want all possible languages indistinguable in the list? maybe in a sublist?

Yes, language tags are an important element of the future multilingual element of this space, all of which will be deeply thought out and implemented in waves. For now, I’ve added a few language tags based on what languages have already come up here. I’ll continue to build this out. Now you can search for #online-attendance and #nederlands together, for example.

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I think that’s generally being done here via tagging posts with specific local tags (e.g. we’ve been using #wikiclubwest for events, in addition to #local-meetup). It’s not quite the same as a spatial query, but works pretty well and is maybe more explicit.

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@Ben_Creasy I’ve added the question of notifications related to nearby events as a specification for development, to the task related to filtering events by date and other tags:

@Samwilson’s approach is a good way to get a similar output. Others have requested specific tags for their region to use them for this purpose. I agree, though—clearer options here would be helpful.

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A fair point, but it’s a bit tricky figuring that the proper tags: #sanfrancisco, #bayarea, #norcal? Seems like you could get tag explosions. Although for now I think #bayarea is prolly reasonable, altho the last local meetup I went to at Stockton wasn’t actually in the Bay Area, and Sacramento isn’t actually that hard to get to from San Francisco.