Space Progress Report - September 2019

This is our first Wikimedia Progress Report! In early September 2019, the Space team proposed a list of Success criteria for the Wikimedia Space prototype. In an effort of accountability and transparency we are going to publish a new report on a monthly basis, with a special version at the end of every quarter. Our main goal is to assess our progress toward the success criteria.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.


These metrics correspond to September 2019 unless specified otherwise. Given that this is the first report, we are sharing some metrics since June 5th, Wikimedia Space’s technical birth day (publicly announced on June 25th).


Weekly signups Jun 5 - Sep 30

Daily signups

For more information about these levels, see Trust levels and user rights in Wikimedia Space.


  • 4 blog posts per week (average)
  • 1 language with more than 2 blog posts per month: English.
    • 0 in non-Latin script (list)
    • 0 in right-to-left script (list)
  • 0 volunteers in the Editorial Board
  • 0 languages other than English supported by native volunteer reviewers


Weekly user visits (registered users) Jun 5 - Sep 30

Daily engaged users (weekly average) Jun 5 - Sep 30

New contributors (weekly) Jun 5 - Sep 30

Daily user visits (registered users)

Daily engaged users

New contributors

  • 49 daily visits (registered users, average)
  • 23 daily engaged users (liking or posting, average)
  • 2 active closed groups/categories (at least 1 post)
  • 0 languages other than English with more than 5 users participating in that language
    • 0 in non-Latin script
    • 0 in right-to-left script
  • 0 volunteers in the Moderators team (group/category moderators not counted)
  • 0 languages represented by volunteers on Moderators team (B2 level)

Wikimedia Foundation

  • 0% of departments formally briefed about Wikimedia Space
  • (nonavailable) % of Foundation announcements published in Space

Success criteria newly met

  • Sep 25 - Wikimedia login
  • Sep 30 - … at least three blog posts published every week.

You can find more details about the development of Wikimedia Space at our July-September 2019 workboard in Phabricator.


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