Stack Overflow and its community debt

Although this blog post mainly discusses a new survey for the Stack Overflow communities, it contains several thoughts and data that sound familiar from a Wikimedia perspective.

For instance:

Themes that you said frustrated you over the past few months were:

  • an unwelcoming community
  • site design (cluttered pages, confusing navigation across the Stack Exchange network, etc.)
  • artifact quality (outdated answers, poorly framed questions, etc.)
  • barriers to participation

Or this, which touches an area related to the Universal Code of Conduct :

Some of the challenges we identified were:

  1. A growing, broadening moderator team
  2. Aging moderation guidance
  3. Difficulty scaling support for moderators from our Community Management team

(via @Pcoombe)


Some background about a problem between Central Services and the community over there as well as here in the Wikiverse:
Does the Fram’s ban on Wikipedia seem similar to recent events? What can Stack Exchange learn from it?

That blog post is, uhh, very diplomatic about Stack Exchange’s own role in making the community unhappy. Sänger’s link describes some of that, but by now things have gotten to the point where the community is crowdfunding a lawsuit against the corporation, for alleged defamation of a community-elected (now ex-)moderator who has been demodded bases on seemingly false accusations. “Debt” might not be the best word to describe the situation.

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