Stack Overflow and its community debt

Although this blog post mainly discusses a new survey for the Stack Overflow communities, it contains several thoughts and data that sound familiar from a Wikimedia perspective.

For instance:

Themes that you said frustrated you over the past few months were:

  • an unwelcoming community
  • site design (cluttered pages, confusing navigation across the Stack Exchange network, etc.)
  • artifact quality (outdated answers, poorly framed questions, etc.)
  • barriers to participation

Or this, which touches an area related to the Universal Code of Conduct :

Some of the challenges we identified were:

  1. A growing, broadening moderator team
  2. Aging moderation guidance
  3. Difficulty scaling support for moderators from our Community Management team

(via @Pcoombe)


Some background about a problem between Central Services and the community over there as well as here in the Wikiverse:
Does the Fram’s ban on Wikipedia seem similar to recent events? What can Stack Exchange learn from it?