Stopping mailing lists mirrors?

Given the current situation of Discuss Space, I don’t think the new messages coming from mailing list mirrors are adding much.

What about stopping them?

Should we consider deleting the mirrored messages too?

The main problem I’m having with the mailing list messages is that the forwarded messages don’t contain the content.

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I agree. The main problem from the very beginning is that they’re read-only and the first thing that comes to mind when they pop up is communicating with the author. With no possibility to get feedback, there is no real value added.

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I’ll wait until the end of Thursday for feedback, and I will act accordingly.

My vote would be stop & delete. Even apart from the technical issues, mirrored content like that is fine when it’s a small minority. Otherwise it just swamps out real content and makes the place look like someone’s spam folder.

Having a dedicated Discourse installation as a mailing list archive is still a worthwhile experiment IMO, but @Ladsgroup has gotten pretty far with the mailman upgarde (see the August wikitech-l thread about mailman), which after all, unlike Discourse, is software written for this specific purpose, so it makes sense to see first how that works out.