Suggestions for Event UI improvements

One thing that I currently find confusing is that events in the calendar are displayed in their local times, rather than in the times of the person viewing the calendar. This can put things in the wrong order or on the wrong days.


Good point @Samwilson. This is actually a setting that can be configured. I’ve changed the default to reflect the user’s local timezone rather than the timezone of the event. Hopefully that makes things clearer!


Thanks! That’s much better.

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I think it gets its geocoding from OpenStreetMap, so addresses that aren’t in the OSM database might not work right.

The best fix is to edit OSM — or, more easily, open a note on for the venue that’s not working, and we can add the correct metadata there. Then it should work for events here.


I think it gets its geocoding from OpenStreetMap, so addresses that aren’t in the OSM database might not work right.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been told. What is surprising is that one of the events I have created is in a Brazilian GLAM, Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa, and is perfectly well included on OSM, even as a node. I was unable to make it work with the exact address. I ended up just putting an approximate address, and I don’t know why this is happening.

On this particular case, it’d have made sense if I could provide the OSM node.



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Hm yeah that’s annoying!

Does it work if you use the building’s address of 134 Rua São Clemente?

Oh, and it looks like the link to Wikipedia from that event is being broken by Discourse maybe. I get:

The requested page title contains invalid characters: “%C3”.

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Doesn’t work with the exact building address. Only when I only include the street name.

The link mistake appears to be related to “ç” and “ã”, which are used in Portuguese.

@Joalpe I’ve tested the Facebook share feature and it appears to work well. Where there is an image embedded in the post, for example, in this one, the image shows up on the Facebook post with the title and the first few sentences. Where there is no image embedded in the post, the blue square shows up (as that is the current default for Space, since we have not done any branding yet) with the title of the post and the basic info below.

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@Joalpe Just created an online-attendance tag (to also capture events with videoconferencing, rather than just live streaming) and have added an icon to make this tag stand out when browsing. I’ve added it to this topic. What do you think?

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Can you explain your use case, please? I mean, what is the end result you would like to see on-wiki?

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Hi. We normally publish details on our events in at least two pages on-wiki. If the wiki code was made available here, we could then just replicate it on these pages. Makes sense?

Alright, but then what about aiming to have your events automagically posted to the wiki page you want?

RSS feeds don’t give change notifications, cannot be added to the watchlist, cannot be permalinked etc.

RSS feeds per se don’t, but they could trigger a mechanism to do so. In fact we started this discussion months ago at :slight_smile: Let’s continue there the discussion of implementation details?

Well, this is more ambitious than what I was hoping for, so if this is workable this would be cool!

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A final update to close this out:

Done. #online-attendance has an icon to make it easily distinguishable.

Preliminary language tags are in place now, for example #português, #deutsch, #română. The language system (including tags) is currently being built out more extensively. Updates at T226721.

This seems to be an issue in communication with Open Street Map that we can explore with the plugin author.

We may decide to integrate an external link option for the data that shows up at the top, but for now including an external link in the textbox seems to be working fine (pro tip: if you include the link on its own line, it creates a nice preview). Facebook sharing should work well now, although there’s still some discussion to be had about the feature of users’ avatars showing up as the image preview.

As mentioned by @qgil-WMF above, that’s this feature: Displaying / importing Wikimedia Space feeds in Wikimedia wikis.

With that, I think we’ve covered these suggestions. I’m resolving the topic, but if anyone has anything else to add, feel free to continue the conversation.

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