Tag questions and tag request queue

For those starting to tag topics posted by others:

Do you have general questions or feedback about the use of tags?
Do you want to request the creation of a new tag to make sure tagging is thorough?

Ask below.

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Also, apparently Discourse supports tag aliases now!

My main question is still How to handle category/tag duplication.

The automation aspect also applies to language tags - any plans to avoid having to add that every single topic in categories which are non-English by default?


@Tgr We have to this date 9 members who could create #tags, and it’s seem relativly hard to maintain the « Regular » level. Is language duplicate a big problem for now?

Not a huge problem (I wrote elsewhere what I think those are) but a constant annoyance. It’s not related to tag creation rights, though - those tags exist, they just have to be manually applied all the time.

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The first round of multilingual features should be ready to deploy very soon. Among the features is a separate set of language tags, which can then be used for content language filtering. A language tag will be mandatory for each new topic opened (even if that topic is in English). With a little more work these language tags can be set in specific categories that are non-English, and can also default to English in the general categories if we choose. For now, they will be manual.