Tagging topics created by others?

Hi @ELappen_WMF! How do I retroactively add a technical tag to this event when it was created by someone else? :)

Hey @rfarrand-WMF! We’ve actually recently made tagging other’s topics as a regular user possible by having all new topics default to wiki mode (in true Wikimedia fashion!). The topic of the event you’re referring to was actually made before this change, so I have used admin powers to add a tag :) However, for topics opened from yesterday on, to add a tag to someone else’s topic, click the pen and paper icon in the top right corner, followed by the “Edit Wiki” button. This will allow you to edit the category, the tag(s) and the content. Changes are documented in the changelog, also accessible via the same pen and paper icon.

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Doesn’t seem to work. I just tried to edit Volunteer Supporters Meeting Zurich and there’s no effect whatsoever. One of my ten or so tries shows up in the history, and I got a wiki editor badge for it, but even that edit doesn’t seem to change any actual data.

Thanks for identifying this. It used to work fine (in fact, I tested it when I posted the original reply!) so I’m not sure what happened. Reported to the community:


Until it gets fixed, should there be a request queue for adding tags to things? I presume admins are still able to do it.

Yes, admins can, as can users with trust level 3 and above. A request queue is a good idea in the meantime. What were you envisioning? Just an “add tag” topic with links to topics and suggestions for tags? If so, feel free to start one!

@rfarrand-WMF, @Tgr_WMF1 Providing an update that the Edit Wiki feature has now been fixed, and all users can tag posts created by others.

If anyone notices a post lacking a tag, feel free to add it.


hooray! Thanks :) :deer::unicorn::goat: